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Walking clothes

Walking clothing

Be well prepared at the start

Proper preparation is very important for the Neptunus Walk. Not only by training, but you’re your equipment. Regardless of the distance you walk, proper equipment is the basis for successful training and walking.


Walking clothes should, above all, be comfortable. Clothing that is too tight or too loose will not allow you to perform optimally. Good walking clothes are indispensable and must be suitable for all weather conditions. Good walking clothes should:
* be wind resistant
* repel water
* breathe
* transport perspiration
* be lightweight
* be pleasant to wear

Listen to your body and try out during the training sessions what you find comfortable or not in terms of clothing. Important: adjust your clothing to the weather forecast. 


Voor alle fanatieke Venlopers hebben we een hardloopjack laten maken met een tijdloos en sportief ontwerp. Met dit comfortabele en waterproof jack kun jij je training voortzetten door weer en wind. Het is dan ook de ultieme aanvulling voor jouw collectie! Het hardloopjack is te bestellen via onze webshop.

Walking jacket

For all fanatic Venlopers, we have had a walking jacket made with a timeless and sporty design. With this comfortable and waterproof jacket, you can continue your walks through all kinds of weather. It is the ultimate addition to your collection! The jacket can be ordered from our webshop.

Training in the dark

When the days get shorter again, it will happen more and more often that you have to do your training in the dark. It is very important to make sure that you are visible to other road users. You can do this by using lights, wearing reflective clothing or a safety vest. Order the Venloop safety vest now in our webshop and be safe on the road from now on!

Shoes & socks

Even more important than good clothing is a good pair of walking shoes. Get advice on this from a specialist retailer. You can also have a walking analysis done there if you wish. A pair of good shoes prevents injuries to, for example, your foot, ankle or knee. But also back and neck injuries can result from wrong or outdated walking shoes. 

Also think of good socks! Walking socks have fewer seams than ordinary socks to minimise the risk of irritation. They are made from the most modern materials, for optimal moisture regulation.

Our partner Het LoopCentrum specialises in providing expert, brand-independent advice and will be happy to help you on your way with personal advice.

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