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Walk & Wheels

Wheelchair event


The organisers of the Weir Venloop and the Neptunus Walk will also be including an Walk & Wheels event during the next edition of the Neptunus Walk on 25 March 2023. The event is open to people dependent on a wheelchair for their activities of daily living (ADL) or can't walk 10 km for what reason however, but want to walk 7,5 km. The starting sign will be given at 13.00 hrs at the Vilgaard in Velden and the finishing line for the route is the same as the other distances covered during the Neptunus Walk. The route will comply with the relevant standards regarding aspects such as the steepness of ascents and descents.


Registration to participate in the Venloop Walk & Wheels event opens on 1 August 2022 at 00:00 hours. Please click here to register. Registration costs € 11,00. Participants in wheelchairs or participants who need assistance (e.g. visually impaired persons) can bring a supercisor for support. Supervisors/carers can participate free and do not need to register separately. Please enter your name in the designated field when registering the wheelchair user. The registration fee includes a free filled water carrier.

Start location

The route of the Walk & Wheels tour starts from BMV De Vilgaard in Velden, located on the Schandeloseweg. 


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