The Weir Minerals Venloop largely relies on volunteers. It would not be possible to organise an event of this size without volunteers. We encourage associations to register just like other organisations. This generates finance for the club, which can be a welcome addition in view of market developments and decreasing government funding. However, it is also possible to register alone or with family/friends. If you would like to contribute as a volunteer to our event, please contact us via vrijwilligers@venloop.nl.

What does the Weir Minerals Venloop organisation offer to its volunteers:

  • Lunch package including two consumption tokens which can be used in the pavilion in the Julianapark
  • A Weir Minerals Venloop “gadget”
  • € 10 expenses reimbursement
  • An excellent atmosphere and wonderful social occasion

The Weir Minerals Venloop has a number of criteria which must be met for associations to be able to support the event with volunteers:

  • The association must register a minimum of 5 people (non-members are also permitted to register)
  • The association must be registered at the Chamber of Commerce
  • Payment made only to the bank account of the association
  • A single contact person for each association
  • Commercial companies are not permitted to register
  • Contribution:
    Number of volunteers   Amount per person per day
    5 to 10 volunteers€ 15.00
    10 to 20 volunteers€ 17.50
    20 to 30 volunteers€ 20.00
    30 to 40 volunteers€ 22.50
    over 40 volunteers€ 25.00
  • The declaration form that has been made available must be fully entered and e-mailed to vrijwilligers@venloop.nl prior to 15 April 2014.
  • After checking the fully entered document the amount will be paid to the IBAN-number stated.

We would like to thank you in advance for your contribution to our event!


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