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Virtual Venloop

Virtual Venloop 2021

Because our events have been cancelled, we all miss the atmosphere, the experience and the competitive feeling. So Stichting Venloop has decided to organise a virtual version of the Weir Venloop and Neptunus Walk on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 March 2021.

What is the Virtual Venloop?
The Virtual Venloop is an event for runners and walkers. They can take part in one of the Weir Venloop runs or walks that were actually all planned for Saturday 27 and March 28 March, the original date of this year's Weir Venloop. However, due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 measures, the event has been rescheduled for 15 to 19 September 2021.

The difference with the regular Weir Venloop is that the participant takes part from their own home. We've expanded our own Venloop app so you can enjoy a special virtual running or walking experience on the original dates of the Weir Venloop.

In addition to the starting shot, realistic sound effects and appropriate music, you'll hear a message as you pass the kilometre points and we'll tell you sometime about the area you would have been passing though during the normal edition. Hopefully we can bring the Venloop experience to you but virtually! After the finish you can take a selfie with the virtual medal and share it via social media. There will also be a final ranking in the running events where you can compare your time to the other participants. An award ceremony will be held at a later date.

And we haven't forgotten the walkers either. Enjoy the route that will take you along beautiful views, tranquil woodland paths, monuments and historic buildings. Take photos and post them on social media with the hashtag #Venloop and send the photos to We will post the best photos on our website and there is a great prize for the person who takes the most stunning photo.

What can I participate in?
The Virtual Venloop is open for runners and walkers and covers all distances and events that would normally be organised during the Weir Venloop.

Because there is a competitive element in the runs, they have fixed start times. These are the same times as the regular event. See the table below.

Runs 28 MarchAgeStart
KidzBase Bambinoloop 4 years4 years10.00 hr
KidzBase Bambinoloop 5 years5 years10.05 hr
KidzBase Kids Run 6 years6 years10.10 hr
Rabobank Kids Run 7 years7 years10.20 hr
Rabobank Kids Run 8 years8 years10.25 hr
Rabobank Kids Run 9- 10 years9-10 years10.30 hr
Rabobank Kids Run 11- 12 years11-12 years10.35 hr
Scelta Mushrooms G-runfrom 8 years10.40 hr
Covebo Uitzendgroep 5 kmfrom 13 years 10.50 hr
Seacon Logistics 10 kmfrom 16 years12.00 hr
Van der Valk Hotel Venlo half marathonfrom 18 years14.00 hr

There is no competitive element for walkers so they can start whenever it suits. However, they should take part on Saturday 27 March.

Walks 27 March
Neptunus walk 10 km
Neptunus walk 20 km
Neptunus walk 30 km
Neptunus Walking Marathon
Venloop Walk & Wheels 7.5 km

What does it cost to participate?
Participation in the Virtual Venloop is free. We think it’s important that our participants keep on the move. So, we are offering this Virtual Venloop to you free as a goal for you to train towards.

How can I register
You need our Venloop app to participate. You can download this free from the App Store or Play Store. Create an account in the app and select the Virtual Venloop event. You can then register for the Virtual Venloop.

if you prefer to register via the internet on your computer or laptop, you can go straight to our registration page. You can create an account and register for the Virtual Venloop here. However, to take part you'll need to download our Venloop app at some point.

How is safety ensured during the Virtual Venloop?
We are organising the Virtual Venloop as the current restrictions prevent us from organising the usual Weir Venloop. Please observe the applicable measures during your participation in the Virtual Venloop. Details of the measures can be found on the website of the Dutch government.
In addition, please observe all applicable measures and regulations, such as keeping your distance and observing traffic regulations. The Virtual Venloop is an event for everyone. We call on participants to take their own personal responsibility to ensure it is a safe way of experiencing sport together, but at a distance, throughout the world.

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