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VenloopKids afternoon

VenloopKids afternoon

One of the highlights of VenloopKids is the fun VenloopKids afternoon on the Wednesday of the Venloop weekend in the Julianapark in Venlo, for all the children from the region with their parents, grandparents or with their teachers and classmates. During this fun and educational afternoon, an interactive exercise circuit with all kinds of cool activities is organised for every child. The aim of this afternoon is to introduce children to sport in a playful way and to make them aware of a healthy lifestyle. Everyone is welcome to come and take a look or to participate in the various activities.

The next VenloopKids afternoon is on 22 March 2023 from 14.00 to 17.00 and admission is free.

Activiteiten VenloopKids-afternoon

Here is a list of all the activities you can do during the VenloopKids afternoon. You won't be bored for a single moment, because there is something fun for everyone!

  • Do you like science and technology? Then visit the Kidz Science stand in the Venlo Library. Here you will learn how to control a Dash robot and how to make a stop motion movie.
  • In addition, Library Venlo organises a book race and teaches you how to make poems.
  • Let your imagination run wild and build endlessly with BiOBUDDi's eco-friendly building blocks. What will you make?
  • Discover and have fun with technology at HackerSpace
  • Craft your own musical instrument at the Limburgs Museum stand. 
  • Learn new dance moves at a dance workshop by the Madson Club 
  • Learn more about exercise and healthy eating at Rabobank while taking a ride on the smoothie bike.
  • If you are a daredevil, visit the Maastricht University stand and taste insect balls. Who knows, maybe we'll all be eating them in the future!
  • At, get to know the disk of 5.
  • Venloop Running Team challenges you to show off your running skills on the running circuit. How fast can you run? 
  • Cool down during WML's water experiments 
  • Help to revamp Atelier Nina Moon's Shuffleboards.
  • All that running, dancing and jumping will of course make you hungry. Make your own vegetable snack cup full of vitamins at Kokkerelli's and you can get back to work!

Come and have a look and be surprised!

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