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Venloop Summer Walks

Venloop SummerWalks

Last year, we organised a few Summer Walks during the summer holidays. This summer, we will follow up on them to keep moving together. Two Summer Walks will be organised this year.

Summer Walk 1 - Sunday 31 July

Sunday 31 July is the first Summer Walk on the schedule. This walk is for the early birds among us and will start at 9.00 am from Grand Café Onder de Linden in D'n Horstgraaf on the Auxiliatrixweg 35 in Venlo (on the grounds of the Care Group).

The registration fee for the Summer Walk on Sunday 31 July is € 7.50. For this you will receive, in addition to a beautifully plotted and marked route of 15 km, a drink about halfway through the route and a drink and snack at the finish.

Let us surprise you!


The online registration is open until 29 July 12:00. Did you miss the registration? Sign up at the start location and join the fun! The registration fee is €10,-. Please note that there is no cash machine available.

Summer Walk 2 - Sunday 4 September

Sunday 4 September is the last Summer Walk of 2022. A pleasant end of this summer where we have set out a beautiful route between 10 and 15 km along a number of delicious surprises.

The registration fee for this Summer Walk is € 15,-. For this you will receive, besides a beautiful plotted and marked route of 15 km, a number of delicious surprises along the way.

The tastiest end to your summer!



Click here for an impression of last year's SummerWalks.

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