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Practice walks

Practice walks

To prepare for the Neptunus Walk on Saterday the 28th of March, the Venloop Foundation is organising 3 practice walks (see data below). It costs 5,50 euro to participate in a practice walk (including coffee/tea and a snack). The practice walks all start at approximately 9 am at Stadion de Koel. This is also the end location. Prior to each practice walk each participant will receive the latest information on this walk by e-mail.

Dates practice walks

Click on the desired link below to register! Unfortunately it is not possible to register automatically for all practice walks at the same time.

DateDistanceLink to registration form
12 January 202010 km and 15 km registration is possible from 1 August
9 February 202015 km and 20 km registration is possible from 1 August
8 March 202015 km and 25 km registration is possible from 1 August



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