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Below you can find an overview of the training days with the relevant times and trainers of the Vividus Fysiotherapie Running Academy, to give you a small impression of the training sessions.


 Day Time Trainer(s)
 Monday 18.00 PM Bert Muris & Henk ten Have
 Wednesday 09.15 AM Leon Geeraets
 Wednesday 20.00 PM Bas Basten & Martin Verbeek
(duration run)
 09.30 AM

 Jacquie Gough, Annie Wilmer, Jos Wilmer,
 Ad Burgmans & Rene van der Meer

Allocation of trainers

 Runners Trainer
 Beginners, runners coming back from injury and 5 km Ad Burgmans
 Less fast runners 10 km  Annie Wilmer
 Faster runners 10 km  Jacquie Gough
 Less fast runners half marathon  Jos Wilmer
 Faster runners half marathon  Rene van der Meer

Training schedules

The training schedules are sent to the Venloop Fysiotherapie Running Academy members by way of a newsletter.

Handy tools

Cooper test conversion table for training paces
Calculate intervals

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