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Participating schools

In spring 2017, primary school de Klingerberg was the first to pick up the English concept the Daily Mile within the municipality of Venlo. Since then, many other schools from Venlo municipality have embraced this great initiative to introduce their pupils to a healthy way of life in a playful and fun way.

Started in 2020 or earlier

Primary school De Meule in Venlo
Primary school De Klingerberg in Blerick

Started in the 2020/2021 school year

Primary school PassePartout in Tegelen
Primary school PassePartout in Tegelen
VSO Impuls in Tegelen
SO/ VSO De Wijnberg in Venlo

Started in the 2021/2022 school year

Primary school Sint Jozef in Tegelen
Primary school De Startbaan in Velden
Talentencampus Venlo in Venlo
Venlose Montessorischool in Venlo
Primary school Sint Martinus in Venlo


You can watch the kickoff of the Daily Mile at Impulse primary school for special education below:

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