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Walking saturday 25 March


2013 saw the first walk arranged by the Weir Venloop organisation, entitled the Neptunus Walk. During this walk 3,000 registered participants embarked on a distance of 25 km on the Saturday prior to the main event. In 2014 a distance of 40 km was added for the fanatical walker. This coming edition offers five different distances, namely:

  • 10 km
  • 20 km
  • 30 km
  • Walking Marathon
  • 7,5 km Walk & Wheels

Why enrol in a walk?

  • Maybe you are considering doing more exercise?
  • The main Venloop is too much for you for health reasons?
  • You wish to train or walk in a group?
  • You enjoy nature?
  • You would like to discover a few nice places in Venlo in a fun way?

Everyone has their own motivation to participate in the walk. We will organise various practice walks in the period prior to the walk to enable people to prepare for completing the 10 km, 20, 30 or Walking Marathon walks in a responsible way. Interested? Register via the registration module.





Since 2022, Stichting Venloop is part of the platform of national organisations of the KWbN.


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