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Running Academy

Funqtio Running Academy

More than 3500 participants have gone before you!

Walking comes naturally to humans, but running requires more! The Funqtio Running Academy is happy to facilitate this. Have you never done sports before? Always wanted to get fit? Or do you, as a fair-weather runner, want approach it more professionally? Why not join the Funqtio Running Academy? They will provide you with all the essential information about nutrition, the prevention of injuries, suitable training and running technique. You will also get to know your fellow students. There is nothing better than being active with people your age and to strive for the same objective: the Weir Venloop! We have successfully prepared more than 3500 participants for the last 15 editions of the Weir Venloop.


Saturday, 3 September, the new season starts!

The de Weir Venloop organises the Funqtio Running Academy for the 16th time in a row. There are various training groups for all levels and all ages, for the half marathon as well as for the 10 km, and even for the 5 km. Much attention is spent on injury prevention, nutrition and of course a responsible build-up schedule with regards to training.

Group training is held four times a week. Track training will be on Monday at 6 p.m., Wednesday at 9.15 a.m. and Wednesday at 8 p.m. An endurance run will be held on Saturday at 9.30 a.m. During registration the participant will be asked which weekday training they prefer. In practice the participant is free to decide themselves which training they attend. It is therefore possible to follow a track training on both Monday and Wednesday and to do an endurance run on Saturday.

The Funqtio Running Academy training will start from earyl September. We have once again selected Sportpark Vrijenbroek to be the training location this year. This location offers a wide range of pleasant training routes in the area, changing rooms and catering facilities of the partners affiliated with the Sportpark.

The Funqtio Running Academy in a nutshell:

  • From the beginning of September until the Weir Venloop there are various weekly training sessions under the guidance of expert trainers
  • You undergo various tests under the guidance of our qualified trainers
  • The groups are assigned on the basis of condition and/or running experience
  • You will receive information on training, nutrition, clothing, injury prevention and related topics
  • There is joint participation in and coaching at various preparatory races
  • You can participate free of charge in the traditional Venloop Pasta Party on the Friday before the Weir Venloop
  • You will receive a €10 discount on the purchase of a functional Venloop shirt (maximum of 1 shirt per participant, regular retail price is €20, but via the registration module of the Running Academy only €10 excl. shipping costs of €4).
  • You are entitled to guaranteed participation in the Weir Venloop 2023

Cost: € 82.50

Please note: the Funqtio Running Academy is separate from the registration for the Weir Venloop itself. Participants of the Venloop Running Academy must register for this themselves separately. This can be done from 1 August 2022, 24:00 via our website. In the unlikely event that someone is too late to register, they can do so no later than 31 January 2023 via



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