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Runner’s ABC

Runners ABC


Prior to the start of the 10 km and the half marathon there will be a number of spectacular performances at Deken van Oppensingel/Julianapark.

Atmosphere points
During the Venloop there will be various atmosphere points on both Saturday 27 as well as Sunday 28 March. Marching bands from Limburg, choirs, drum bands and all other vibe-inducing music bands are spread over these atmosphere points. Keep an eye on our website to see where the exact atmosphere points are located.

Award ceremony
The 1-2-3 placed finishers of the SeaconLogistics 10 km (men and women) will be awarded their medals at approximately 13.15 p.m. on the winner’s podium next to the finish. The numbers 1-2-3 of the Van der Valk Hotel Venlo half marathon (men and women) will be awarded their medals at approximately 15.15 on this winner’s podium.

Participants who are possibly up for prizes will receive a key cord after the finish where the time and location of the award ceremony is stated. Naturally it can occur that you are given a key cord but do not win a prize or that you have won a prize but do not get a key cord. Money prizes are not sent and can only be collected by the winners on 31 March during the award ceremony at the Ewals Cargo Care Pavilion.

The business teams will be approached a few days after the Weir Venloop for the award ceremony, this will not take place on 28 March.


Immediately after the race, everyone will be offered a banana, a bottle of sports drink and/or water. During the half marathon at the third drinking station, located at approximately 15 kilometres, pieces of banana will be shared. Bananas are known for being fruit that offers nourishment, is healthy and easy to digest. Moreover they offer a great deal of energy and improve endurance levels.

Business Run
During the WeirVenloop a separate competition will be organised for companies; the Koenen and Co Business Run. The Koenen and Co Business Run participants can meet in the nearby Julianapark or in the Ewals Cargo Care Pavilion. A team photo will also be taken in this pavilion.
Changing and shower facilities

There are free changing and shower facilities at Stadion De Koel, Kaldenkerkerweg 182, 5915 AH in Venlo (free shuttle bus service) and at the St. Martinusschool in the centre (only for Business Run participants upon showing wrist band).

A chip has been placed in your race number which will register your time.  This allows you to see what your net time is, among other things. The time can also be found on our website.

Date for Venloop 2021

The Weir Venloop 2021 will take place in the week of 24 - 28 March. The programme for these days is as follows:
Wednesday 24 March– VenloopKids afternoon and sponsor evening
Thursday 25 March – Seniors day and Night Run
Friday 26 March – Expo
Saturday 27 March - Expo, Neptunus Walk and Walk & Wheels
Sunday 28 March - Half Marathon, 10 KM, 5 KM, youth runs and G-loop

If the participant is unable to participate in the event, you will be reimbursed your registration money minus € 5 administration costs when deregistering, but only if you inform us by 31 December 2020 latest. The paid registration money will not be reimbursed for deregistrations after 31 December 2020. This is in accordance with our general terms and conditions.

Drinking stations
There are drinking stations at the 5, 10, 15 and 18.5 kilometre points. Water will be provided at all stations and at the 5 and 15 kilometres points there will also be Vifit Sport drink. After the finish there will also be Vifit Sport drink and fruit.

Get your medal engraved after your race. Winterman Sport are happy to put your name and finish time on your medal. This will give you a unique copy and also a pleasant reminder of your participation. You can order this during registration. You can also decide to get your medal engraved on the day.

Enjoy the Weir Venloop. It is a unique event with a large, enthusiastic public.

The Venloop Expo will take place on the Friday and the Saturday. Organisations in the area of sport, health, active lifestyle and wellness showing what they have on offer. You can orientate yourself and get informed about new products and services, enjoy free tests and actively participate in one of the workshops. The Venloop Expo offers free entrance and is located at the Ewals Cargo Care pavilion, the event complex at Julianapark that houses many activities during the week of the WeirVenloop.

Field of top runners

A field of approximately 40 or 50 top runners, men and women, will start the race. Race director Martijn Venhuizen will once again create a balanced field for an exciting race. Two commentators will provide commentary on the race.

First Aid
Along the course there will be various First Aid points. At the 5 km and 10 km points there will also be “mobile” First Aid stations along the course. Please check the maps for other locations.

The SceltaMushrooms G-loop will also be organised this year. In conjunction with this sponsor and the Fonds Gehandicapten Sport (Disability Sport Foundation) a wonderful programme for participants will be organised after the finish.


For hotel accommodation we refer to Van der Valk Hotel Venlo

Kilometres points

The kilometres points will be shown with signs at the side of the course.

See: luggage

Lost and found
All lost items that are handed in to us will be brought to the info point at Julianapark. Please report there if you have lost something. After the event you can contact local authority Venlo for found objects.

Please ensure that the luggage label which is on your race number is clearly visible on the bag. You can subsequently drop off the bag with the attached label to one of our enthusiastic volunteers in our luggage pavilion (on the left of the Ewals Cargo Care pavilion when looking from Deken van Oppensingel in the direction of the pavilion). They will be happy to safeguard it for you. The usual luggage trailers will not be available this year.

This edition we will test out providing a free locker to all participants of the 10 km race. The lockers will be provided by Locker Company. There are currently insufficient lockers available to offer all participants of all distances a locker.

Participants of the Koenen and Co Business Run can leave their clothing in the secure changing rooms which are only accessible by showing the wristband that every BR participant has received with their race number. In addition, for each Koenen and Co Business Run team a locker is available for valuables.
Mailing race numbers

You can also get your race number mailed to your home. Please state this during registration. The race numbers are delivered to everyone's home address in the two weeks prior to the event.

This year, massages will be offered at Julianapark by Vividus, centre for health. Let your tired muscles enjoy a rub down from experienced hands after the finish.

A number of preventive measures will be shared by a doctor form the VieCuri medical team in a separate letter. These measures are among other things focussed on weather conditions, fluid and food intake, injuries, illness and other medical emergencies.

Everyone who makes the finish line within the time restrictions will be receive a beautifully designed medal.

Minimum ages
Half marathon: 18 years.
10 kilometres: 16 years.
5 kilometres: 13 years.

Missing children
There will be a point at Julianapark where missing children can be kept safe and be collected by their parents. The point is located behind the Limburgs Museum next to the World Peace Flame monument.

Also in the coming edition pacers will once again participate allowing you to match their tempo to finish within a certain time. For the 10km we have pacers at 50 minutes, 60 minutes and 70 minutes. For the half marathon the race times of the pacers are 1:30:00, 1:45:00, 2:00:00 and 2:15:00. The pacers can be recognised by their red shirts and the large balloon above their heads. They generally run in pairs. They will be positioned next to the relevant signs at the start.

The parking garages and parking areas in the town centre will be open as normal on 27 and 28 March. The inflow and outflow of traffic could potentially be a hindered by the various races. Read more...

A parking area next to Stadion De Koel is available. A shuttle bus will run from Stadion De Koel to the centre of Venlo. This stop is only a stone´s throw from the start and finish. Those who are travelling from out of town will be guided to Stadion De Koel by signs. Naturally people from the region can also park there.

It is also possible to park at the barracks on the Garnizoenweg in Venlo. Shuttle busses will also run to and from the start-finish area.

Address Stadion de Koel:
Kaldenkerkerweg 182
5915 AH Venlo

Address Kazerneterrein:
Garnizoenweg 3
5928 NA Venlo

MySports will take photographs of the participants at the finish. A few days after the Weir Venloop a link will appear on the website with all information about the photos. You will also receive a newsletter about this from us after the Weir Venloop.

Race shirt

The 2021 edition of the Venloop shirt can be purchased via the registration module, at our office (from mid-November), in our web store or during the Venloop Expo at the Venloop stand. It is also available by visiting our office at Koninginnesingel 14 in Venlo on week days.

The registration for the Weir Venloop and Neptunus Walk will open on 1 August 2020 at 00.00 AM.

Registration office
The registration office is located at the Ewals Cargo Care pavilion at Julianapark (on Deken van Oppensingel) between the start and finish. Collect your race numbers from here. Runners can collect on:
·    Friday 26 March between 12.00 – 17.00 o'clock
·    Saturday 27 March between 12.00 – 17.00 o'clock
·    Sunday 28 March between 09.30 – 14.00 o'clock

Participants in the Koenen and Co Business Run will receive their race number delivered to their company.

The results will be on our website and on as soon as possible after the end of the race.

Running Academy
Thanks to the Funqtio Running Academy approximately 140 participants have been preparing for the Weir Venloop for 6 months.
Sanitary provisions

The sanitary provisions can be found at the start, at the 5, 10 and 15 km points as well as at the finish, close to the Ewals Cargo Care pavilion. At the Ewals Cargo Care is also a toilet for disabled.

Seniors day
KBO Limburg organise the Seniors day in collaboration with Weir Venloop and Neptunus Walk on 25 March 2021. This “experience day” for seniors features an active but certainly also an informative style. There will also be a wonderful cosy atmosphere. During the Seniors day the afternoon programme pays attention to the year of the senior in an interactive way. You can participate in various workshops at the Ewals Cargo Care pavilion of the Weir Venloop.

Showers and changing room facilities are available at Seacon Stadion De Koel (free shuttle bus service) and at the St. Martinusschool in the centre of Venlo (only for Business Run participants upon showing wrist band).

Shuttle bus service
See also: parking. Shuttle busses will run between 9.30 and 18.00.

Starting areas
The starting areas are set up on the basis of the expected finish time that participants have supplied during the registration. Participants are given access to the relevant starting area based on the colour of the race number.

Starting times It is not possible to start earlier, starting later is possible though.

The starting times of the various runs can be found at this page.
Time limits

The time limit is 90 minutes for the 10 kilometres and 3 hours for the half marathon.

Time registration
Just as last year, the chip will be at the back of your race number this year.

Transferring race numbers
From early March there will be a transfer form on the website which allows you to transfer your race number. A small payment is required for this. Those who wish to transfer their race number must arrange this themselves. The WeirVenloop organisation does not have involvement with this. The name of the original participant will still feature on the race number, however the name of the new participant will be listed in the results.


VenloopKids-afternoon is an experience afternoon from the VenloopKids programme that takes place on Wednesday afternoon in and around the Ewals Cargo Care Pavilion. The VenloopKids-afternoon takes place on Wednesday 25 March from 14:00 - 17:00. During the VenloopKids-afternoon there will be various pleasant activities suitable for children.
If you come from further away and want to make your participation a weekend stay, why not find some inspiration here. Although we have organised so many activities that the five day programme will just fly by!

In the event of extreme weather conditions the organisation maintains the right to cancel the event. Furthermore, we ask all participants to monitor the weather on the race day and to adjust clothing, food and drinks accordingly. The organisation will always do its upmost to adjust to the weather conditions.

Web store
You can purchase various Venloop merchandise from our web store such as T-shirts and flags. You can get the products mailed to yourself or collect them at our office. Payment can be made via iDEAL or in cash at the Venloop office.

See: sanitary provisions.

Youth Runs

In addition to the four Kids Runs we have another three races for young people, namely the Bambino runs (4 years and 5 years) and the Child run (6 years). Participants between 13-15 years old can participate in the 5 km.

Main and name sponsors