Running shirts

The Venloop 2017 functional running shirts

The original Venloop shirt is a real collector’s item. So is our 12th functional running shirt:

Be well prepared at the start

Proper preparation is very important for the Weir Venloop. Not only by training, but you’re your equipment. Regardless of the distance you run, proper equipment is the basis for successful training and running.


Running clothes must fit comfortably. Clothes that are too tight or too baggy are not conducive to optimal performance. Good running clothes are essential and must be suitable for all weather circumstances. Good running clothes must be:
* wind-resistant
* water proof
* breathable
* regulating sweat
* lightweight
* comfortable to wear

Listen to your body, try different options in terms of clothing during training. Please bear in mind that runners often dress too warm and then overheat during the run. Please pick clothes that will be suitable for the weather conditions during upcoming Venloop. The weather in March is often changing, therefore keep an eye on the weather forecast.

Shoes & socks

A good pair of running shoes is perhaps even more important than good clothing. Visit a specialist shoe shop for advice. A specialist shoe shop will also carry out a special analysis of your running style. Good footwear will prevent injuries of your feet, ankles or knees. Even back and neck injuries may also be the result of incorrect, or old, running shoes.

Also consider good running socks! Running socks have fewer seams than normal socks to minimise the chance of irritation. They are made from modern materials for optimal moisture regulation.


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