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Running Routes

Running routes

You can download the maps for the Weir Venloop 2023 on this page. The various distances can all be found in the files below. It is possible that certain routes can still (slightly) change. The route of our half marathon is certified by World Athletics.

Maps Weir Venloop

Map half marathon
Map 10 km
Map 5 km
Map Kidsrun/ G-run 1000m
Map Bambinorun/ Childrun 500m

Routes Weir Venloop in text

Route half marathon
Route 10 km
Route 5 km
Route Kidsrun/ G-run 1000 m
Route Bambinorun/ Childrun 500 m

Course in GPX (to be used via e.g. your watch)

Downloadable via right mouse button. Note: does not work with Firefox.

GPX halve marathon
GPX 10 km
GPX 5 km

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