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Race Numbers Walk

Start numbers walking

Below you will find start numbers for the 2023 Neptunus Walk from 6 March, sorted by distance. Each individual file is sorted by last name. You can find yourself quickly via the search function. If you cannot know a start number because a name appears twice in the start number lists, you can contact the organisation by sending an e-mail to

Note: Participants who registered after 26 February will find their start number in their registration confirmation. 


Start numbers ​Walk & Wheels 7,5 km
Start numbers Neptunus Walk 10 km
Start numbers Neptunus Walk 20 km
Start numbers ​Neptunus Walk 30 km
Start numbers ​Neptunus Walking marathon

Start numbers Walking groups

Collect or send

Not sure if your start number was sent or if you need to collect it? Then take a look at this file. This file is sorted by surname.
Collection can be done on Friday 24 March from 12:00 - 17:00 at the Ewals Cargo Care pavilion in the Julianapark in Venlo.


Main and name sponsors