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Race Numbers

Racing numbers

From 6 March you can find the starting numbers for the Weir Venloop 2023 below, categorised per run. Each separate file is categorised by last name. Use the search function to quickly locate your name. If you can’t know a starting number because a name appears twice in the list, please contact the organization by sending an email to

Please note: Participants who registered after 12 February will find their start number in their registration confirmation. Business Run start numbers will be replenished in the week of 6 March.


Racing numbers top field Half Marathon
Racing numbers Half Marathon
Racing numbers 10 km
Racing numbers 5 km 
Racing numbers G-run
Racing numbers Kidsrun 11-12 years
Racing numbers Kidsrun 9-10 years
Racing numbers Kidsrun 8 years
Racing numbers Kidsrun 7 years
Racing numbers Child Run 6 years
Racing numbers Bambino Run 5 years
Racing numbers Bambino Run 4 years

​Racing numbers Business Run


Collect or send

Not sure if your start number was sent or if you need to collect it? Then take a look at this file. This file is sorted by surname.

You can collect on Friday 24 March and Saturday 25 March from 12:00 - 17:00 or on Sunday 26 March from 9:30 at the Ewals Cargo Care pavilion in the Julianapark in Venlo.

Walkers can check here whether they will be sent their start number.

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