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Racing numbers

The start numbers for the Weir Venloop 2017 will be published here in March, categorised per run. Each separate file is categorised by surname, prefix (es), first name and start number. If you can’t know a starting number because a name appears twice in the list, please contact the organization by sending an email to inschrijven@venloop.nl. Last names that begin with a vowel with dieresis, you can find at the bottom of the list. Use the search function to quickly locate your name.

Racing numbers Half Marathon
Racing numbers 10 km
Racing numbers 5 km 16+ years
Racing numbers 5 km 13-15 years
Racing numbers G-Run
Racing numbers Kidsrun 11-12 years
Racing numbers Kidsrun 9-10 years
Racing numbers Kidsrun 8 years
Racing numbers Kidsrun 7 years
Racing numbers Child Run 6 years
Racing numbers Bambino Run 5 years
Racing numbers Bambino Run 4 years

The race numbers will be sent on Friday 10 March.

Transferring race number

It is possible to transfer your race number to another participant using the transfer form below, untill Thursday 23 March 11.59 pm. This, in accordance with our general terms and conditions, is also the only way to transfer your race number. The name of the original participant will be printed on the race number, however the new participant will be named in the results list with their own name.

It is important to be aware of the fact that you can only transfer the race number once. Participants in the Koenen and Co Business Run cannot transfer their race number. It is also not possible to change distances.

The new participant must fill out the transfer form. Here you require have a number of data from the current participant, namely the race number, the postcode and the date of birth. The organisation will never share participant data, or mediate between participants with regards to the transfer.

You will be charged €2.50 for the transfer via a single automatic payment. You will receive a confirmation mail of the transfer after the transfer procedure has been completed.

Finally, the participants need to ensure that the race number is supplied to the correct (new) participant, it is not possible to submit an address change for this.

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