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The programme for the Weir Venloop on Sunday 25 March 2018:

Name of runDistanceAgeStarting time
Bambino Run500m4 years10.00 am
Bambino Run500m5 years10.05 am
Child Run500m6 years10.10 am
Kidsrun1000m7 years10.20 am
Kidsrun1000m8 years10.25 am
Kidsrun1000m9 -10 years10.30 am
Kidsrun1000m11-12 years10.35 am
G-loop1000mfrom 8 years10.40 am
5km5000mfrom 13 years10.50 am
10km10000mfrom 16 years12.00 pm
Half Marathon21098mfrom 18 years2.00 pm
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