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Practice walks

Practice walks

From November onwards, we will start again with our "old-fashioned" practice walks.
Until the Neptune Walk on 14 May 2022, we will organise a nice practice walk every month. From a different starting location each time, we will leave together at 9.00 a.m. and follow a special route that is marked with arrows.

This year, we are offering no less than four extra practice walks. And because the municipality of Venlo, like us, thinks it is important to get everyone exercising again, we can offer you these first four practice walks at a special registration fee of only €2.50 per tour. You can participate in the remaining three walks in 2022 for the regular registration fee of €5.50.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced walker, there is a suitable distance for everyone. Be surprised by the beautiful tours our volunteers have created and enjoy the nature, the conviviality and the walking itself.  And, of course, of the accompanying drink and snack on your return.

The practice walks take place on:

Date:Distance:Registration feeLocation
7 November 202110 km€2,50Ut Gildehoès in Venlo
28 November 202112,5 km€2,50Van der Valk Hotel Venlo
19 December 20217,5 km€2,50Cancelled
19 December 202115 km€2,50Cancelled
16 Januari 202212,5 km€5,50Limburgs Museum in Venlo 
6 Februari 202217,5 km€5,50Sur Meuse in Blerick
6 Maart 202220 km€5,50BMV De Vilgaard in Velden
3 April 202215 km€2,50Mout in Venlo (Julianapark)
1 May 202217,5 km€5,50Grand Café Onder de Linden in Venlo (Auxiliatrixpark)


You can register via this registration form. This allows you to register for several practice walks at the same time.
But if you prefer to decide later, you can also register for each practice walk separatly . 

Did you not register before the closing date of a practice walk, but would still like to walk with us that Sunday? You can do so by registering at the start location on the day of the practice walk. A post-registration is € 2.50 more expensive than the regular registration fee. For the months of November, December and April the rate of a post-registration is € 5.00 and for the months of January, February and March it is € 8.00.


Have you registered for a practice walk but are unfortunately unable to come?
You can cancel until the registration of the practice walk in question closes. This is at 12.00 on the Friday before the practice walk.

Venloop Christmas Walk

The organisation of Venlo on Ice has announced that the event will unfortunately not be held this year. And without the ice rink as a start and finish location, the Venloop Christmas Walk will therefore look a little different this year than in other years. Therefore we have now included the Venloop Christmas Walk in the practice walks.

The month of December is all about family and being together. That is why we are organising no less than 2 walking routes on 19 December 2022. A route of 15 km, for the advanced walker and also a route of 7.5 km. This shorter route is suitable for young and old. So you can enjoy a nice walk with the whole family. The more the merrier!

Click here for more information about the Venloop Christmas Walk.

Click here for more photos of the Venloop practice walks.

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