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Practice walks

Practice walks

From the end of the year until the Neptunus Walk on Saturday 25 March 2023, we will organise a nice walk every month. This route is marked with arrows and is a good exercise for the Neptunus Walk. We offer different distances so that everyone will be fully prepared and trained for the 9th edition of the Neptunus Walks.

We have planned the following practice walks for 2023:

Date:Distance:Registration feeLocation
8 January 202310 km€6,00To be determined
8 January 202315 km€6,00To be determined
5 February 202312,5 km€6,00To be determined
5 February 202317,5 km€6,00To be determined
5 March 202315 km€6,00To be determined
5 March 202325 km€6,00To be determined


You can now register for the 2023 Venloop practice runs. Go to the registration page


Have you registered for a practice walk but are unfortunately unable to come?
You can cancel until the registration of the practice walk in question closes. This is at 12.00 on the Friday before the practice walk.


Click here for photos of the Venloop Practice Walks of last year.

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