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The 16th edition of the Weir Venloop on Wednesday 22 March to Sunday 26 March 2023 is on the horizon. 

It started as a dream...

Back in 2003, on the initiative of Venloop board member Erik Schnock, 62 people commenced training for the 2004 New York marathon. It primarily concerned novice runners who wished to run together to raise € 42,195 for two charities. One euro per metre. One year of hard training, having fun with each other and share the struggle when training for a marathon, the marathon, creates a bond. Therefore the experience in New York was simply unforgettable.

On the way back to the Netherlands the idea was born– create such a fantastic event in Venlo with a great atmosphere and sports manship for as many people as possible. A mini New York.

Soon after, the foundation was established and preparations started. The original aim of the Venloop Foundation was to promote running to a wide audience. This through a well-organised, atmospheric running event. The Venloop Foundation has since become an 'umbrella' of all kinds of activities, focusing on a healthy lifestyle through sport, exercise and healthy eating. This for all target groups; after all, you experience the Venloop together! The Venloop Foundation's best-known events are the Venloop, the Avond4Daagse and the Kwaakerrun.

Board and employees

Erik Schnock
Jermaine Wekenborg
René Hovens


Member of the Board
Judit Gipmans
Member of the Board
Dominique Dello

Member of the Board
Jan Berden



Wim Lensen
Permanent staff member
Rick van der Coelen
Permanent staff member
Meyke Vercoulen

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