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Weir Venloop moved to Wednesday 15 to Sunday 19 September 2021

07 | 12 | 20

Venlo - The Venloop Foundation is pleased to announce that there is now clarity about the dates of the 2021 Weir Venloop. According to the organization, March is still too early for an event on the scale of the Weir Venloop but, working closely with the municipality of Venlo and the public safety services, we have found suitable new dates. The Weir Venloop will be organized from Wednesday 15 to Sunday 19 September. 

Relocating an event on this scale is no small feat. You must take so many factors into account when things are so different than they usually are. Everyone knows that the Weir Venloop normally takes place in March, but one also wants support when the dates are changed. 'The Municipality of Venlo's event coordinator Bata Nijland has done a very good job on this for us' , says Wim Lensen of the Weir Venloop.

In previous years, the Gipmans Planten Kwaakerrun was the opening event of the running and walking season. In 2021, this will be the Weir Venloop, with its side-event the Gipmans Planten Kwaakerrun moving to June 26 and 27. This therefore falls in the same month as the Ballorig Avond4Daagse, also a Venloop Foundation event. 

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