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Together with the Venloop Dreamteam to your personal goal!

02 | 09 | 21

Are you looking for a new beginning? Do you want to overcome your medical complaints or close a difficult period in your life? Would you like to participate in the Weir Venloop, but is there something holding you back? Then you fit perfectly with our Venloop Dreamteam!

The 10 members of the Venloop Dreamteam will train twice a week for a season under professional guidance. Together with the other Dreamteam members they will push their boundaries and overcome personal obstacles. To crown their hard work, they aim to run the 10 km at the Weir Venloop on 27 March 2022 within 100 minutes.

Do you recognise yourself in this and are you who we are looking for? Send your motivation to and share your story with us.  You will hear from us as soon as possible. Participation in the Dreamteam is completely free. Together we will bring you to your personal goal!


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