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TempoTranslator translation partner for Virtual Venloop

01 | 03 | 21

The Virtual Venloop will take place on 27 and 28 March. This virtual event allows participants to complete their own walking or running distance, at a time of their choice, but with the help of the Venloop app. Participants use their smartphone to take part in the Virtual Venloop. In addition to the starting shot, realistic sound effects and fitting music, along the route the walker or runner is notified each time he or she passes the kilometre markers. They can also listen to information about the places they would normally actually be passing during the live event. The app attempts to replicate the original ambiance of the Venloop.

Thanks to cooperation with our regular translation partner TempoTranslator, German-speaking participants can listen to the audio fragments in their own language. An English version is also available for participants who do not speak Dutch or German. The language used depends on the smartphone settings.

Jos van Kleef, Director of TempoVertaler: "We are naturally very pleased to contribute to this fantastic initiative introduced by the organisers of the Venloop! We wish all the runners and walkers lots of fun listening to the app!".

Wim Lensen, director of Stichting Venloop welcomes the collaboration with TempoTranslator: “For years, TempoTranslator has been our language services partner. They translate the texts for our website, newsletters and the programme guides. Recording the spoken soundtrack was a slightly unusual project, but the skilled translators at TempoTranslator did a very good job. It promises to be a great experience for the participants!"




L to r: Sue op het Veld - Humby (English) and Marie Zintl (German) representing TempoVertaler. Extreme right, Roy Verschoor from Stichting Venloop.

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