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General information

Registration costs

Registration costs depend on the distance of the event and your age.

Name of runRegistrationMember AtletiekuniePost-registration
Youth (4 through 12 years)5 euro4 euro5 euro
G-run (from 8 years)5 euro4 euro5 euro
5 km (13 through 15 years)8 euro7 euro8 euro
5 km (from 16 years)11,50 euro10,50 euro11,50 euro
10 km (from 16 years)18,50 euro17,50 euro -
Half Marathon (from 18 years)23,50 euro22,50 euro -



Participation categories

Limit times

The limit times are as follows:
half marathon: 180 minutes
10 km: 90 minutes
5 km: 45 minutes


In the coming edition we offer all the participants a locker (25x25x50 cm). Upon showing your starting number you will receive access to your personal locker on Sunday 25 March.

Top athletes

Recruitment of top athletes (only half marathon):
Mail our race director Martijn Venhuizen at racedirector@venloop.nl. This e-mail address is for top athletes and their managers.

Time registration

In the coming edition bib tags will be used to time participants. The MySports bib tag is attached to your starting number. The participant only needs to attach his/her starting number. This means that you do not require a shoelace chip. You do not need to return the chip. In addition to an accurate time registration, the chip also offers a personal video. For this, click on the camera icon in the results after the completion of the event.

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