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Frequently Asked Questions running

Frequently Asked Questions running

Exchange shirt
If the article you ordered does not fit, you can exchange it. Send the shirt back in its original packaging to the Venloop office at Koninginnesingel 14, 5911 KB Venlo. Please add a note to the envelope with your name and address and of course the desired size. We will then send this size back to you (if in stock). It is also possible to come and exchange the shirt at the office. We are open Monday to Friday from 08:30 - 17:30.

How can I submit my cancellation? 
A cancellation can be submitted by sending an e-mail to You will subsequently receive a message from us that your submission has been cancelled. Participants who cancel their registration with us 3 months prior to the event will be eligible for reimbursement of the registration fee (in accordance with the general terms and conditions).

I want to make changes to my registration.
Now that pre-registration is closed, unfortunately you can no longer change any data.

I wish to change my distance/section. Is this possible?
It is no longer possible to change the distance of your registration. However, you can transfer your current start ticket to another person by means of the transfer form that will come online on 6 March. You can then re-register yourself for your desired distance.

Is there a waiting list when an event has reached its limit?
There will not be a reserve list. We bear cancellations in mind upon determining the maximum amount of registrations. 

Will there be a post-registration?
If you missed the pre-registration, you can post-register via the registration form. Check the rates of the post-registration here. Note: post-registration is possible until the distance in question is full.

How can I transfer my race number to another runner?
It is possible to transfer your race number to another participant via a form that comes online at the beginning of March, in accordance with our general terms and conditions, is also the only way to transfer your race number. The name of the original participant will be printed on the race number, however the new participant will be named in the results list with their own name. Please note: with ‘check registration’ the new name is not displayed. It is important to know that you can transfer the starting number only once and it is not possible to change the distance. Koenen & Co Business Run participants cannot transfer their starting number. This data can only be changed by the Koenen & Co Business Run contact person.

The new participant must fill out the transfer form. Here you require have a number of data from the current participant, namely the race number, the postcode and the place of birth. The organisation will never share participant data, or mediate between participants with regards to the transfer. You will be charged €3,- for the transfer via a single automatic payment. You will receive a confirmation mail of the transfer after the transfer procedure has been completed. Finally, the participants need to ensure that the race number is supplied to the correct (new) participant, it is not possible to submit an address change for this.

Will I be sent my start number or do I need to collect it?
Not sure anymore whether your start number was sent to you or you need to collect it? Then take a look at this file. This file is sorted by last name.

When will I receive my start number? 
The start packs of participants who registered before 12 February and chose to have their start number sent to them will arrive by 5 March via post. The start numbers have all been sent separately, no account will be taken of same surnames, same addresses or date of registration. If you did not receive your start number on time, please report to the information desk on Sunday, 26 March.

Participants who registered after 12 February should collect their start pack at the Ewals Cargo Care Pavilion in the Julianapark in Venlo. See also the schedule below:

 closed shippedStart number not received?
Start numbers pre-registration12 February22 FebruaryCheck in confirmation email whether start number would be sent or not. If yes, collect reservation number from registration office, see frequently asked questions for location and time
Start numbers 1st
5 March10 MarchCheck in confirmation email whether start number would be sent or not. If yes, collect reservation number from registration office, see frequently asked questions for location and time
Start numbers 2nd
26 Marchn/aCollect from registration desk, see frequently asked questions for location and time

Where and when can I collect my race number?
Race numbers awaiting collection will be at the Ewals Cargo Care Paviljoen in Julianapark. Runners can attend on:

  • Friday 24 March between 12:00 - 17:00
  • Saturday 25 March between 12:00 – 17:00
  • Sunday 26 March between 09:30 – 14:00

Julianapark is located between Deken van Oppensingel and Burgemeester van Rijnsingel in Venlo.

When can I expect my race number to arrive by post?
The race numbers will be sent in the two weeks before the Weir Venloop

Can I have my starting number sent to me?
If your race starting number is not being sent to you, but you want this, you can order this option in our web store. This can be done until February 12.

Can I accompany my child during the Bambino Run and Child Run?
Yes, one parent is allowed to run with the Bambino Run and the Kids Run. These start numbers include a wristband for the parent which gives access to the starting area and/or run-off area. For children of 7 years and older, i.e. participants of the Kids Run, this is no longer allowed.

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