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Do you want to guarantee yourself a starting ticket for the Weir Venloop 2022? Then become a Fanloper! All our Fanlopers are guaranteed to participate in one of the running competitions on Sunday, May 15, 2022. Say "goodbye" to sweaty hands on August 1 and "hello" to your guaranteed starting ticket. As a Fanloper you will receive a personal registration code by e-mail with which you can register for your desired distance until the registration module closes.

In addition to a guaranteed starting ticket, you will also receive a Weir Venloop running shirt as a Fanloper.

You also need a lot of energy to participate in the Weir Venloop and where do you get more energy from than a delicious pasta with fresh vegetables? That is why we offer our Fanloper an admission ticket for the Pasta party on Friday before the Venloop. Apart from the fact that you draw a lot of energy from food, it is of course also fun to dine together with other participants.

Because we are naturally very proud of our fans, we will put extra emphasis on our Fanlopers by mentioning their names on this Fanloper page (if desired). See here which all-inclusive package applies to your wishes and register as a Fanloper! Register here as a Fanloper.

The Venloop is something you experience together!

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