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Venloop Expo

Venloop Expo

Leading brands and companies are set to proudly present their products during the Venloop Expo on Friday 23 March (12.00 to 18.00 hrs) and Saturday 24 March (11.00 to 18.00 hrs).  They will offer knowledge and expertise about their unique products, and you will also have the opportunity to purchase these products at the Expo. The Venloop Expo is free to enter and is all about having a fantastic experience.

Participating organisations Venloop Expo
Auto Arena | Blackroll | Brooks Sports BV | General Eyewear | Good Life International BV | Hanes Brand Inc | Hanwag | Herzog Medical | Het LoopCentrum | Inschrijfbureau Venloop | ISBC Sports | IQ Wellness Center | Karhu | Marathon Hamburg Veranstaltungs GmbH | Medical | Odlo | Polar Nederland | Shock Absorbers | Salomon | Van der Valk Hotel Venlo | Venloop | Vivawest Marathon | Vividus | Weir |  

Het LoopCentrum, the biggest specialist running and walking store in the Netherlands will be present with team clothes and running socks, but also for bargains, as they also stock a wide range of outlet clothes.

You can browse brands such as Odlo, Brooks Sports BV or ISBC Sports for your running or walking clothes. For footwear, you have a wide choice with brands such as Karhu, Hanwag and Salomon. The above exhibitors also offer a wealth of advice in the area of clothing and footwear.

In addition, you can enjoy unique experiences during the Venloop Expo. For example, you can quickly recover from your endeavours during the Neptunus Walk with compression socks from HerzogMedical. At Polar you can test the latest model watches, among other things. At Shock Absorber, ladies can experience the benefits of a good sports bra. There will also be sport sunglasses from General Eyewear and Blackroll products available for purchase on the exhibition floor. Finally, you can also undergo an advanced pressure plate measurement to get the correct shoe advice, undergo an ultrasound or a muscle tone measurement, among other things.

In the area of nutrition, you can receive extensive information explanation and advice from Good Life International BV.

During the Venloop Expo you can enjoy a wealth of great promotions. Keep an eye on our social media channels. Visit the Venloop Expo on Friday 23 March and Saturday 24 March at the Ewals Cargo Care Pavilion in the Julianapark in Venlo to discover all there is to experience during this free event!         

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