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Daily Mile Venlo

Daily Mile Venlo 

Daily Mile is an initiative, originally from Scotland, which aims to make children happier and fitter by running 15 minutes a day at school.

Pupils, together with their teacher, go out for a 15-minute run at least three times a week, covering a total distance of about one mile (1.6 km). In this way, the pupils can stretch their legs and reawaken their brains, and they can learn about a healthy way of life and its advantages in an accessible and fun way. 

More and more young children are overweight. This number must be reduced. In the spring of 2017, primary school de Klingerberg was the first school in the municipality of Venlo to set up its own Daily mile course in the schoolyard. Stichting Venloop, together with JOGG Venlo, wants to enthuse even more schools to make the Daily Mile part of the curriculum in primary schools. Does your school already have a Daily Mile course? 

The kick-off of this school year took place at primary school the Passe Partout in Tegelen:



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