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Every year, Stichting Venloop supports a number of charities. When registering for the Weir Venloop, Neptunus Walk and Venloop Walk & Wheels, it is possible to make a donation to a good cause. This year, Stichting Venloop is associated with KidzBase, Water for Life, Alzheimer Nederland and Voedselbank Venlo.


The KidzBase Foundation gets to work for children in North and Middle Limburg who cannot safely grow up in their own family. These children have been moved out of their homes due to a disrupted home situation such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, neglect and/or parents’ addiction problems and they reside in living groups or family houses. These children have been through a lot already in their young lives and they did not enjoy the safe and stable home base that each child deserves and needs. KidzBase works with professional care institutions. By way of small-scale projects, we want to give the children the feeling that they are special and we focus on advancing their self-sufficiency, improving their welfare and creating pleasant and positive experiences. KidzBase, because children are special.               



Water for Life

Access to clean drinking water is something we take for granted, however there are still at least one billion people in the world who are denied access to this primary resource. The Water for Life foundation facilitates projects aimed at supplying clean drinking water and proper sanitation facilities worldwide.

Alzheimer Nederland

Alzheimer Nederland works towards a future without dementia and towards a better life for people with dementia and their loved ones.

Alzheimer Nederland - Home | Facebook

Voedselbank Venlo

More than 11,352 people in Venlo live below the poverty line, 2483 of whom are children under 18. The Voedselbank Venlo currently assists 345 households (meeting the Voedselbank Venlo criteria) by temporarily providing them with food parcels. In order to be able to provide the clients with sufficient food, we work together with businesses, institutions, governments and private individuals. In this way, together we ensure that poverty is combated, food surpluses disappear and the environment is less burdened. Healthy food is relatively more expensive and therefore less likely to be bought by clients, even though it makes an important contribution to good health. This is why Voedselbank Venlo strives to include as many fresh and healthy products as possible in its food packages. In order to increase the self-reliance of our clients, we provide information (where appropriate) about other local organisations which help our clients to get back on their feet. After all, food aid should always be temporary. The Voedselbank itself aims to be a place where clients can count on a warm welcome, make contact and tell their story.

Voedselbank Venlo

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