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Fonds Gehandicaptensport (Disabled Sports Fund)

Everyone knows that regular exercise is good for you. Despite this, few people will notice the difference if a session is skipped. This cannot be said for people with a handicap. A handicap requires extra effort in daily life to be able to do the same things as people without a handicap. Sport helps with this. It is a pleasant way to become physically and mentally stronger.

Our ambition is to make sport possible for everyone with a handicap in a structural way, close to home. But we cannot achieve this ambition alone. Many volunteers, donors, sports people, supporters, sponsors, ambassadors and partners make the effort for sportsmen and women with a handicap. Together we have already achieved a great deal, but we are not there yet. There is still much to do before sport is possible for everyone with a handicap. Help us, so we can continue to support the local sports clubs.



The KidzBase Foundation gets to work for children in North and Middle Limburg who cannot safely grow up in their own family. These children have been moved out of their homes due to a disrupted home situation such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, neglect and/or parents’ addiction problems and they reside in living groups or family houses. These children have been through a lot already in their young lives and they did not enjoy the safe and stable home base that each child deserves and needs. KidzBase works with professional care institutions. By way of small-scale projects, we want to give the children the feeling that they are special and we focus on advancing their self-sufficiency, improving their welfare and creating pleasant and positive experiences. KidzBase, because children are special.               



Over 300 children and youth from North Limburg with a handicap are set to once again fully enjoy the now traditional trip in the sidecar and their sidecar driver on Saturday 17 September 2016. More than 200 sidecar riders, 170 motorised traffic wardens and 250 volunteers that drive a total of 100,000 kilometres each year for the M.A. Run and invest more than 6,000 volunteer hours in the M.A. Run only want one thing: that this group of children and youth and their families have an unforgettable weekend, a whole day with a smile on their face. On behalf of the M.A. Run Family many thanks for your contribution! 


Toon Hermans Huis Venlo

The Toon Hermans Huis Venlo is a walk-in house for people who are suffering from cancer, their friends and family and their surviving relatives. Toon Hermans Huis Venlo is open for visits five days a week free of charge, the visits are non-obligatory and there is no need to schedule an appointment for, among other things: information about cancer, advice on how to cope, a meeting with a psychosocial aid worker, various activities (wellness, yoga, creative activities, etc.), meeting fellow sufferers, a cup of coffee or simply some peace. Our hosts and hostesses will welcome and guide you. Contrary to the chaos that a cancer diagnosis causes, the Toon Hermans Huis Venlo offers a safe haven that is not demanding, but where all sorts of things are possible.

The Toon Hermans Huis offers support and assistance and works with hospitals, general practitioners, home care institutions, patient associations, the Dutch Cancer Society and the Comprehensive Cancer Centres, among others. Everyone affected by cancer is entitled to learn how to cope with the disease as well as possible, physically as well as emotionally.        



UNICEF helps children all over the world fight poverty, disease, violence and discrimination. Millions of children now attend school thanks to UNICEF. Many children are vaccinated against deadly diseases such as measles and receive proper nourishment and clean drinking water. UNICEF strives to fight the Aids epidemic and helps children who have become the victim of this disease. We are present in emergency situations. UNICEF is on the scene immediately in the case of disasters and wars and ensures that children and their families can survive. Children who are on their own are protected by UNICEF against violence, abuse and exploitation.


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