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Ballorig Avond4Daagse

The Ballorig Avond4Daagse Venlo is a walking event where participants walk a distance of 6 or 12 kilometres every evening. The distance will be given at registration and cannot be changed during the event. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening the start and finish will be at the Kazerneterrein, Garnizoenweg in Venlo. On Friday only the start takes place at the Kazerneterrein, with the finish on the square in front of the Limburgs Museum.

Since 2016, the organisation of the Ballorig Avond4Daagse has been taken care of entirely by the Weir Venloop, making the Ballorig Avond4Daagse a full part of the Weir Venloop and perfectly in line with the objectives and atmosphere of VenloopKids. The Ballorig Avondv4daagse Venlo is therefore organised under the banner of VenloopKids and is one of the three moments of experience in the annual programme. However, both children and adults can participate in the Ballorig Avond4Daagse.

Date Ballorig Avond4Daagse 2023 is known!

The Ballorig Avond4Daagse 2023 will take place from Tuesday 23 up to and including Friday 26 May 2023.



Registration Ballorig Avond4Daagse 2023

Registrations for the Ballorig Avond4Daagse 2023 are not yet open. As soon as they open, the registration form will be available on this page. 


News! Avond4Daagse nominated at Sports Gala 2022

We are extremely proud to count ourselves and Ballorig Avond4Daagse among this fine list of nominees for the sports gala 2022!

The always enjoyable Avond4Daagse is for everyone who wants to have fun and exercise. So every year it is one big party. And without you, it would be a lot less fun. We therefore hope you will vote for us and join us in celebrating this party again!

You can cast your vote via this link.

Anyway, we are proud and happy and are already looking forward to the most fun party of May!

Watch the video below or the photos from the previous edition and get in the mood! 

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