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The Aartsen Avond4Daagse Venlo is a walking event where participants walk a distance of 6 or 12 kilometres every evening. The distance will be given at registration and cannot be changed during the event. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening the start and finish will be at the Kazerneterrein, Garnizoenweg in Venlo. On Friday only the start takes place at the Kazerneterrein, with the finish on the square in front of the Limburgs Museum.

Since 2016, the organisation of the Aartsen Avond4Daagse has been taken care of entirely by the Venloop, making the Aartsen Avond4Daagse a full part of the Venloop and perfectly in line with the objectives and atmosphere of VenloopKids. Both children and adults can participate in the Aartsen Avond4Daagse. Everyone is welcome! And so in 2022, the Aartsen Avond4Daagse won first prize at the sports gala in the category of recreational sports.

Date Aartsen Avond4Daagse 2024 is known!

The Aartsen Avond4Daagse 2024 will take place from Tuesday 14 up to and including Friday 17 May 2024.

Participation costs

The cost of pre-registration for the Aartsen Avond4Daagse is €6,- per person, both for individual and group registration.
Post-registration costs €8,-. Unfortunately, there is no ATM available, therefore we ask you to bring the amount in cash in case of post-registration.

Registration Aartsen Avond4Daagse 2024

Participants cannot currently register for the Aartsen Avond4Daagse 2024 yet. Keep a close eye on our website and VenloopKids Facebook page to be the first to know when registration opens.


Information for participants

Starter packages individual registrations

The starter packages for participants who have registered via individual registration are expected to be available for collection at the Venloop office at Koninginnesingel 14 in Venlo two weeks before the event takes place. Uncollected starter packages will be taken to the information point at the Kazerneterrein in Blerick on Tuesday 14 May and can still be collected here. The information point (located near the starting boxes) will be open from 16:30 to 18:30.

In the start pack you will find your start cards with which you can participate in the Aartsen Avond4Daagse. There is a new starting card for each day. Don't forget to bring it to the start and keep it afterwards, because you will receive a tasty treat at the break point every day when you show your card.

Besides the start cards, you will also find the walking diploma and a wristband in the start pack. We ask participants to wear this wristband on Friday. Upon showing it, the medals will be handed out.

Starter packages group registrations

The starter packs for the participants of the group registration (via the school) will be brought to the respective school in the week before the evening event.

In the starter pack for group registration you will find one or more starter cards, depending on your choice at registration. There is a new card for each day. So don't forget to bring this starting card to the start and keep it afterwards, because on presentation of this card, the group will receive a tasty treat at the break point every day. 

Besides the starting cards, you will also find all the walking diplomas and wristbands in the starting pack. Participants should wear this wristband only on Friday, on presentation of which the medals will be handed out.

Starting procedure

To make the start each day as smooth as possible, we will divide all participants of the Aartsen Avond4Daagse into a start section. When the classification is known, it will be shared with you in a diagram below. The start boxes are marked on the field with signs. Start times:

DistanceStart times
6 kilometre18:00 
12 kilometre17:30

The layout of the starting line-up will be the same every night, but the departure schedule changes every night. As a result, everyone will leave once early, but also late. 


When the routes of the Aartsen Avond4Daagse 2024 are known, you can view them by day and distance below. The routes will also be viewable in the Venloop App.

  • Tuesday, May 14, 2024 - 6 km
  • Tuesday, May 14, 2024 - 12 km
  • Wednesday, May 15, 2024 - 6 km
  • Wednesday, May 15, 2024 - 12 km
  • Thursday, May 16, 2024 - 6 km
  • Thursday, May 16, 2024 - 12 km
  • Friday, May 17, 2024 - 6 km
  • Friday, May 17, 2024 - 12 km

On Friday, the finish location differs from the start location. Therefore, the routes on this day have been shortened. If you walk back to the start location on foot after the finish, you will end up with a total of almost 6 or 12 km. Please note that routes are always subject to change, minor changes may still be made.

Break points

At the same time as the routes, the break points will also be announced. From then on, these can be found in a schedule below. Our partner Jumbo Venlo-Blerick will provide all our participants with a nice piece of fruit each day at the break point!

Layout Aartsen Avond4Daagse terrain

The Aartsen Avond4Daagse will start from the Kazerneterrein in Blerick. In due course, you will find a map with the layout of the site below. So you know where to park your car, park your bike and where to find the toilets.

Due to a limited number of parking spaces, we ask everyone to come to the Kazerneterrein preferably by bike or on foot. If participants do want to come by car, the map above shows the parking area and the route from the parking area to the starting area. The entrance to the car park is on Venrayseweg. Please note that no parking spaces are provided at the rear of the Kazerneterrein (roundabout Kazernestraat).

Kiss & Ride
A Kiss & Ride zone has been set up for parents/guardians dropping off or picking up their child(ren) on their own. Enter from Verayseweg and then turn right into Garnizoenweg. Exit again from Garnizoenweg towards Venrayseweg. Parking on Garnizoenweg is not permitted.

Bicycle parking
There is plenty of space to park your bike at the Kazerneterrein. The map shows the bicycle route across the barracks to the bicycle parking area. We ask all participants and supervisors to park your bike only in this bicycle shed.

Toilets are available for participants who want a quick visit to these before departure or on their return. The toilets are also indicated on the map. Pay attention to arriving or departing cyclists when you visit the toilets. There are also a number of toilets at the break point for participants to use.

Information point
The information point is located near the starting sections and is open all four days from 16:30 to 18:30. If you have any questions or comments after running the route when you return to the Kazerneterrein, please speak to one of our volunteers (recognisable by the Venloop clothing).

Together we keep Venlo clean!

We are all guests at the Barracks site and break points during the four days of the Evening 4Day. And want to enjoy four days of a fun event with a clean starting area. We would therefore like to ask you participants to leave as little rubbish as possible at the Kazerneterrein, the break points, finish line and also along the way. Together we will keep Venlo clean!

Get in the Aartsen Avond4Daagse mood!

Get into the Aartsen Avond4Daagse mood at home with the one and only Aartsen Avond4Daagse spotify playlist and practice all the songs! You can listen to the whole playlist via the Spotify icon.

Watch the video below or the photos from the Aartsen Avond4Daagse 2023 and get in the mood! 

Sociale media

Follow the VenloopKids Facebook page for the latest news on the Aartsen Avond4Daagse and all other VenloopKids activities.


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