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Adventskalender 20-12 walking

The dark Days

Up until 21 December, the days are getting shorter and darker outside. If you like walking outside, you can hardly avoid walking in the dark during this time of year.

It is therefore very important that you are visible during your walk in the dark. We have a few tips to help you navigate traffic as safely as possible during these dark days.

  • Face the traffic during your training. Oncoming traffic will notice you sooner and you can react more easily when you see traffic coming.
  • Stand out with lights. Wear a light on your wrist or ankle to stand out in traffic.
  • Wear eye-catching clothing, preferably in light colours with reflective stripes. This reflects the light of other road users and makes you more visible. You can wear sports clothing with reflective surfaces or you can wear a safety vest. A safety vest is eye-catching, safe and easy to wear over any clothing. A must have for these dark days. You can order such a vest in our webshop in yellow or white. Go to

Do you have any other tips? Or a photo that shows how visible you are? Share it with us via or @venloop #venloopadventskalender.



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