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Adventskalender 20-12 running

Running with Rick

The last week of the Venloop advent calendar has started. And we would like to introduce you to someone else from the Venloop team, namely Rick.

Rick has been working for the Venloop since 2010. He started here as an intern and has found his niche completely since then. With blood, sweat, and tears he has helped make the Venloop what it is today. That's why he doesn't shy away from a challenge. That is why Rick challenges you today to join the RMR challenge! You guessed it, we are going to run with Rick!

We will run bridge to bridge with a little extra to reach a training of 7.5 km. Because of the new measures we can't invite you to come run with Rick, but put on your running shoes and take on Rick's challenge to run 7.5 km. Let us know how it went via or via social media @venloop #Venloopadventskalender #RMR!

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