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Adventskalender 16-12 walking

Making meters with Meyke

Since we are getting to know you a bit better thanks to your participation in the Advent calendar, we would like to give you a look behind the scenes again today. Last time, you got to know Wim a little better during the Walk with Wim. Today we introduce Meyke to you.

Meyke is the newest addition to the Venloop office and started in April 2021. Together with Wim and Rick, she organises all kinds of events and activities for you and she is having a great time.

Meyke always has energy for ten! That is why she invites you to come and make some metres with Meyke today.
From 15:30 we will leave from the Venloop office at the Koninginnesingel 14 in Venlo to run about 6 km together. Will we see you then?

Don't have time to come by? Then walk at a time that suits you and share your walk with us via or via social media @venloop #Venloopadventskalender #MMMM.


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