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Activities Weir Venloop

The Venloop is all about fun and is renowned for its fantastic atmosphere. All along the course there are many people who do not only encourage family and friends, but all the runners who pass. Entire streets are decorated. Just like the runners, the public become more enthusiastic and increase in number. Enjoy the Venloop together!

 Activities Weir Venloop


 Weir Venloop runningcompetitions:
 500 mtr. Bambino Run (4 years)
 500 mtr. Bambino Run (5 years)
 500 mtr. Child Run (6 years)
 1 km Kidsrun (7-12 years)
 1 km G-loop (from 8 years)
 5 km (from 13 years) 
 5 km (from 16 years)
 10 km (from 16 years)
 Halve marathon (from 18 years)


 Neptunus Walk:
 10 km Walk
 20 km Walk
 30 km Walk
 40 km Walk
 7,5 km Walk & Wheels

 Venloop breakfast buffet
 Venloop Expo

 Venloop Expo
 Pasta Party





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