The programme for the Weir Minerals Venloop on Sunday 20 March 2016:

Name of run Distance Age Starting time
Bambino Run 500m 4 years 10.00am
Bambino Run 500m 5 years 10.05am
Child Run 500m 6 years 10.10am
Kidsrun 1000m 7 years 10.15am
Kidsrun 1000m 8 years 10.20am
Kidsrun 1000m 9 -10 years 10.25am
Kidsrun 1000m 11-12 years 10.30am
G-loop 1000m from 8 years 10.35am
5km 5000m from 13 years 10.45am
10km 10000m from 16 years 12.00pm
Half Marathon 21098m from 18 years 2.00pm
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