Koenen & Co Business Run Information

General Information

The Venlo-Loopstad.com Foundation organises a business run which is unique in the region in collaboration with Koenen & Co. Companies and large to small institutions can participate. A sporting opportunity to have a day out with your colleagues. Business teams can participate in the 5 km, the 10 km and the half marathon of the Venloop.

Contact people

The organisation of the Venloop wants to get in contact with the sporting enthusiasts of the company to enthuse colleagues to take part in one or more teams for the Koenen & Co Business Run on Sunday 22 March 2015. We can then mutually ensure distribution of folders, registration information, racing numbers and other practical issues.

Participant’s package

What do we offer participants of the Koenen & Co Business Run?
  • Racing numbers for the participants (max. 5 per team)
  • Time registration system for each participant
  • Each team member is also included in the individual classification
  • Each participant receives a (digital) team photo in association with Koenen & Co, as long as the team allow a picture of them during the Venloop
  • Free T-shirt for each participant
  • Announcing the company names of the participating companies at the start and finish (when recognisable by shirts, among other things)
  • Mentioning the company name on the website
  • 1 entry ticket for the VIP area for each participating company for the Board of the company
  • The option to purchase an extra entry ticket for the VIP area for € 50
  • Other mentions in the media as a participant in the Koenen & Co Business Run
  • Publication of results on www.venloop.nl.

Participation costs

The costs for participation in the Koenen & Co Business Run are included in the table below.

  First team Next teams
Half marathon € 375 € 275                
10km € 275 € 200
5km  € 225 € 175

It is also possible to participate at various distances. With these combinations, the team that runs the longest distance will be mentioned as the first team in the rankings at all times.


Registration takes place per team. A team consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 enthusiastic participants. A team can include both men and women. Participants in the 5 km run must be at least 13 years old, 16 years old for the 10 km and 18 years old for the half marathon. Each team must participate in the business run under the name of the company which they represent. By adding successive numbers a distinction is made between the different teams of the same company. Each participant can only participate in one team. A team can consist of employees and non-employees. The final score is calculated by adding up the times of the fastest three runners. The team with the fastest end times will win the Koenen & Co Business Run. There are prizes for the first three teams. The time registration occurs by way of a time registration system. This is mandatory and is provided by the organisation. In addition to the company classification each participant will be included in the individual classification.

You can register for the Koenen & Co Business Run online.


Contact: businessrun@venloop.nl


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